Our Vision

We are the world's first online movie theater. We are Cinesseum.

Who did you decide to help with this project?

We love movies. Especially movie premieres. But the cost of going to the movie theatre has become too expensive. We know that Americans would agree with us because they were the first ones to raise their voice.

The numbers are astounding. An average American spends $1000 in cinema annually. And these numbers are much bigger if you have a family.

According to reports from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), the average movie ticket price is $8.97. It's twice as much as it was eight years ago. If you would like to attend a premiere, it could cost you up to $19.

And we all know that going to a cinema is not just entering a hall...

The profit of selling popcorn in cinemas is 700%. The average cost of a hot dog and Coca-Cola is $12.65. And these are not the only costs. Not to mention fuel, various taxes and parking fees. All this has driven people away.

Therefore, our vision is to offer something more affordable and equally exclusive.


But it's not all about the price of a ticket or a snack. If we ignore all those facts, is there any other advantage of Cinesseum?


There are people who will pay $50 for fries. For them, there is nothing that could replace the feeling of entering the hall and waiting for the lights to go out.

Then a basketball player seats in front of them so they couldn’t see half of the screen, or someone grabs the armrest and the place for popcorn. We are all equal in cinema, money does not mean anything when you’re in the hall.

Statistics say that ¾ Americans refer to rude people as the biggest problem of enjoying the movie. You never know who will sit next to you. Who will shout or talk over the phone, eat chicken wings loudly or who smells uncomfortable.

And that's what people hate. I came to the cinema to relax and not to get nervous. So, someone will pay $50 for fries, but will never be able to choose people around him. Until now.


You have mentioned movie premieres. Aren’t they reserved only for cinemas?


Until now yes, but we want to change that. We don’t want to close the cinemas, we just want to give an alternative to all movie lovers around the world, so they will be able to legally watch premieres and the latest movies on Cinesseum.com, at the same time as they are shown in theaters. Let's say, when Avatar 2 premiere runs, you will be able to watch it online at the very moment, but at the place that you’ve chosen.

The power of the Internet is that it gives you the freedom. Your living room becomes your private cinema. You are the one who chooses the atmosphere and the people around you. That is the point of Cinesseum.com, the world’s first online movie theater.


If you present it as a cinema, how does your ticket look?


The ticket in conventional cinemas is for one person only. Our single e-ticket allows you to access the movie and to watch it with as many people as you want.

We just press the play button and you choose who will be in front of your screen. Now you can watch the premiere that you have been waiting for years to come out on a laptop by yourself or on a home theater with a whole family.

Or naked with your partner in bed or jacuzzi.

The possibilities are unlimited and they depend only on you.


People are used to the fact that on the internet the latest films have a poor image quality because they are illegally recorded. What can they expect from Cinesseum?


We understand people's passion for film and therefore we meet their highest expectations. We guarantee the quality of image and sound, whether it's a 2D or 3D projection.

We are working on closing the deals with all major movie production companies, which will make the quality identical as the cinematic one. If we are to call ourselves as the first online cinema, we must justify it.

The moment a film goes on, you just have to choose a popcorn dressing and to relax. You may even forget that you are at home. You and your family would enjoy the full cinema experience without even having the car started.

This looks like something that could revolutionize cinema industry?

We wouldn’t name it a revolution. We would call it a passion for movies by using the advantages of a digital world. Can you imagine the unique place where 7 billion people can sit together and just enjoy movies? We can. That is what we call Cinesseum.