Frequently Asked Questions about the Cinesseum

About Cinesseum

What is Cinesseum?

How Cinesseum works?

Is Cinesseum available from abroad?

What payment methods are supported by Cinesseum?

How much a subscription to Cinesseum costs?

How to buy a movie ticket?

How can I contact you?

Watching movies

How to watch a movie at Cinesseum?

From which devices can I watch movies?

How to turn on a subtitle?

What are available qualities of the movies?

What is the recommended Internet speed for watching movies?

Do I have to have a registered account to watch movies?

How much time do I have to watch a movie from the time I bought the ticket?

Can I watch the movie several times at the price of one ticket?

What happens if I lose my internet connection while watching a movie or my computer shuts down?

How do I connect my phone or laptop to watch movies on TV?

Why movie is not available in my country?

My Account

How to register at Cinesseum?

After registration, is it necessary to confirm my email address?

How can I change my password?

Why do I set my favorite genres for my account?

Can I access my account from different devices at the same time?

How to delete my Cinesseum account?