The Team

7.1 /10
Ekipa ( Orig. Title ) Action, Comedy, Sports 1 h 36 Min 2019
This is the most successful movie from the end of 2019, whose ingenious cast will totally impress you. “The Team” is a crime-comedy for all generations, a story loaded with great humor that talks about love, but it is also the first movie which is showing Serbian football and the rivalry between the two biggest clubs - Partizan and Red Star. The story follows Zdravko (Rade Cosic), a Partizan football star, who finds out that his brother Klupa (Andrija Milosevic) bet that he won't score on the derby. He lost the bet, and now he owes money to criminal Skara Lovator (Dragan Jovanovic), who has been trying to sign a professional contract with Zdravko for years. He again refuses to cooperate so they get 3 days to pay back... and the problems start. Along the way, they meet a beautiful and fatal Italian women (Ivana Dudic), but they also encounter a new conflict with another serious fraudster, Deki BMW (Milos Timotijevic). In addition to these incredible actors, there are also Sergej Trifunovic, Srdjan Zika Todorovic, Ljubomir Bandovic and many others. The movie is completely authentic and the only one ever made on a real football derby.

“The Team"" is not only the story about Red Star and Partizan, but also of what is happening in the dark tunnels of Serbian football, where various suspicious types of people gather. With more than 100,000 cinema goers, this is one of the most watched domestic movies in 2019. We've waited a long time for a team like this.
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Rade Cosic, Ljubomir Bandovic, Filip Beganovic, Milan Borjan, Dijana Colovic, Carni Djeric, Lazar Djukic, Mitchell Donald, Ivana Dudic, Marko Gobeljic, Sasa Ilic, Djordje Ivanovic, see full cast & crew
Marko Sopic
Rade Cosic
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Rade Cosic - Zdravko
Ljubomir Bandovic
Filip Beganovic
Milan Borjan - Himself
Dijana Colovic - Herself
Carni Djeric
Lazar Djukic - Stefke
Mitchell Donald - Himself
Ivana Dudic - Italijanka
Marko Gobeljic - Himself
Sasa Ilic - Himself
Djordje Ivanovic - Himself
Dusan Jovancic - Himself
Andjela Jovanovic
Djordje Jovanovic - Himself
Dragan Jovanovic - Skare
Guélor Kanga - Himself
Filip Kljajic - Himself
Marko Marin - Himself
Nemanja R. Miletic - Himself
Andrija Milosevic - Klupa
Ljubomir Nikolic - Badza
Slobodan 'Boda' Ninkovic - Komentator
Radovan Pankov - Himself
Lazar Pavlovic - Himself
Nikola Ristanovski
Filip Stevanovic - Himself
Ljiljana Stjepanovic
Filip Stojkovic - Himself
Vladimir Stojkovic - Himself
Ratko Tankosic
Milos Timotijevic - Deki BMW
Srdjan 'Zika' Todorovic
Milica Tomasevic
Zoran Tosic - Himself
Sergej Trifunovic
Miroslav Vulicevic - Himself


Marko Sopic


Rade Cosic


Rade Cosic - producer

Film Editing

Ljubodrag Starovlah
Dragan von Petrovic

Editorial department

Ljubodrag Starovlah
Dragan von Petrovic

Sound department

Srdjan Milovanovic - sound recordist
Dragoslav Ostojic - re-recording mixer
Dane Vlaisavljevic - sound editor

Visual effects department

Ivan Pribicevic - vfx supervisor
Ada Sokolovic - vfx supervisor assistant/vfx compositor
Petra Stojanovic - vfx compositor
Nemanja Tasic - vfx compositor

Costume Design

Kristina Savic

Camera and Electrical department

Aleksandar Jakonic - camera operator
Miodrag 'Misa' Jelic - focus puller
Boris Sebez - first assistant camera