The Balkan Line

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8 /10
Balkanska međa ( Orig. Title ) Action & Adventure 2 h 21 Min 03/05/2019
The year is 1999. NATO is bombarding Serbia and Kosovo region is left for plunder by Albanian terrorist groups under command of Albanian warlord Smuk. The removal of the human organs take place within the territories criminals have taken, the robberies, mass assassinations and genocide. Russian intelligence officer Bek Ethoev and former paratrooper turned mercenary Andrey Shatalov head a small detachment tasked with the dangerous mission to stop the terrorism, recapture the airfield Slatina used by the terrorists and rescue Shatalov's love interest Jasna, who was captured to be harvested for organs, like the rest of the Serbian prisoners. A new era has begun. This is a movie about the crossroad of one country and the destiny of true heroes.
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Available Countries
Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia (FYROM)...
Voice Language
Ελληνικά, Български
Emir Kusturica, Milos Bikovic, Gojko Mitic, Ravshana Kurkova, Miodrag Radonjic, Dmitriy Frid, Anton Pampushnyy, Yuriy Kutsenko, Milena Radulovic, Alexander Srechkovich, see full cast & crew
Andrey Volgin
Andrey Anaykin, Ivan Naumov, Natalya Nazarova
Production Company
Archangel Studios
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Andrey Volgin


Andrey Anaykin
Ivan Naumov
Natalya Nazarova


Emir Kusturica
Milos Bikovic - Maevsky
Gojko Mitic
Ravshana Kurkova
Miodrag Radonjic - Amir
Dmitriy Frid - Doctor Gerhard Shtern
Anton Pampushnyy
Yuriy Kutsenko
Milena Radulovic
Alexander Srechkovich


Milos Bikovic - Producer
Vadim Byrkin - Executive Producer / Producer
Tatjana Zezelj Gojkovic - Producer
Tatyana Kuranova - Producer
Yuriy Kutsenko - Producer
Miodrag Radonjic - Producer
Vasil Sevc - Producer

Art directors

Bojana Nikolic

Production managers

Djurdjica Vitorovic - Production Manager

Art department

Vladimir Ljubic - Set Dresser
Uros Stojanovic - Graphic Designer
Jovan Uhrin - Set Dresser

Sound department

Kirill Bodrov - Re-recording Mixer
Goran Corkovic - Boom Operator
Alexander Kopeikin - Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor
Zoran Maksimovic - Adr Mixer

Visual effects department

Anna Moskovkina - Digital Compositor


Sergey Nosulenko - Stunt Performer
Aleksandr Solovyov - Stunt Coordinator

Camera department

Romana Caran - Clapper
Aleksandar Letic - Still Photographer

Transportation department

Djordje Minic - Picture Car Coordinator Assistant
Vukasin Mrdjic - Picture Car Coordinator

Miscellaneous crew

Tamara Mouhamed - Production Coordinator
Sasa Radulovic - Unit Manager