Package Arrangement

7.2 /10
Paket Aranžman ( Orig. Title ) Comedies 1 h 55 Min 1995
This comedy brings us three completely different stories, about three different heroes, each battling with their own dilemmas and problems, but what they all share is a love for music. “Package arrangement” is Yugoslav omnibus about maturing, friendship and the indestructible spirit of rock and roll. This love adventure, with an unobtrusive dose of well-known humor and a lots of good music, is positioned alongside with the movie "The fall of rock 'n' roll" (1989), evoking the "good old" spirit of rock 'n' roll from the former Yugoslavia. The movie is directed by Srdjan Golubovic, Dejan Zecevic and Ivan Stefanovic, it consists of three parts, each with its own name - “Macho type”, “Night without sleep” and “Hertz minute”. In front of you is a cult movie with many top actors that takes you back to the period of madness of a young age and reminds you what are you ready to do for revenge, money and love for music.
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Milica Mihajlovic, Boris Milivojevic, Bojan Zirovic, Rastko Lupulovic, Aleksandra Miljkovic, Milena Pavlovic, Zoran Cvijanovic, Bogdan Diklic, Nenad Jezdic, Dragan Jovanovic, Josif Tatic, Branislav Zeremski, see full cast & crew
Srdan Golubovic,Ivan Stefanovic,Dejan Zecevic
Srdan Golubovic, Djordje Milosavljevic, Dejan Zecevic
Production Company
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Milica Mihajlovic - Irena
Boris Milivojevic - Marko
Bojan Zirovic - Luka Nestorovic
Rastko Lupulovic - Darko Popovic
Aleksandra Miljkovic - Sani
Milena Pavlovic - Emilija
Zoran Cvijanovic - Laki
Bogdan Diklic - Dusan Markovic
Nenad Jezdic - Nemanja Saletovic
Dragan Jovanovic - Sanker
Josif Tatic - Darkov otac
Branislav Zeremski - Bogdan iz Zemuna
Vlada Jankovic - Dzet
Aleksandar Sreckovic
Jelena Zigon - Darkova majka
Dragoslav Ruzic
Nadja Sekulic - Sestra Mojsilovic
Ana Sofrenovic - Lina
Miroljub Leso
Ivan Zaric
Bojana Zecevic - Una
Marko Babic
Dalibor Delibasic
Dragomir Stanojevic - Policajac
Dragisa-Travolta Markovic - Blagajnik
Vuk Pavlovic
Miomir Radevic-Pigi
Predrag Ejdus - Profesor
Srdjan Vucinic
Inspektor Blaza - Himself
Dusan Prelevic - Otac


Srdan Golubovic
Ivan Stefanovic
Dejan Zecevic


Srdan Golubovic
Djordje Milosavljevic
Dejan Zecevic


Dragan Kresoja - executive producer
Zoja Todoric - producer


Andrej Acin
Grupa Babe
Darkwood Dub
Marko Kon
Lazar Ristovski

Film Editing

Andjela Ilic
Slavica Lalic
Stevan Maric


Milos Stefan Kresoja

Production designers

Zoran Jokic

Second Unit Director or Assistant directors

Milan Konjevic - first assistant director

Music department

Inspektor Blaza - composer song "Dabogda crk'o Rock'n'Roll"

Editorial department

Andjela Ilic
Slavica Lalic
Stevan Maric

Production managers

Zoran Jokic

Sound department

Svetislav Ristic - sound

Costume Design

Jelena Vasiljevic

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Emilija Kovacevic - costume designer