7.7 /10
Enklava ( Orig. Title ) Dramas 1 h 28 Min 2015
Nenad, a 10-year-old boy from a Serb enclave in Kosovo, has to step behind enemy lines in deeply divided Kosovo, in Muslim-majority territory, to bury his grandfather. He has no friends, he lives alone with his father, Vojo, who is an alcoholic and his grandfather Milutin, who is slowly dying. He has no contact with the children his generation and it bothers him. He is the only Serbian student and goes to school every day with a KFOR military vehicle, and when he hears the sound of blunt bumps of stones in an armored vehicle, it is a sign that he is approaching the Albanian village. This film is about the Serb minority who stayed in Kosovo to live in small isolated groups - enclaves. These communities are the only ones in all of Europe, and members of the United Nations and European Union police are needed to guard these borders. What happens when someone dies in the enclave and the cemetery is in enemy territory? In this movie, which is an eternal and instructive story of forgiveness and love, an old man will be buried thanks to his grandson, a boy who dared to do something impossible for both communities in Kosovo, both Serbian and Albanian: to love and make friends in the opposite side. It is very difficult to talk about such specific topics, and it is not always easy to tell the story honestly. This movie made it.
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Milena Jaksic, Filip Subaric, Nenad Stanojkovic, Milan Sekulic, Miodrag Krivokapic, Denis Muric, Çun Lajçi, Nebojsa Glogovac, Meto Jovanovski, Rastko Jankovic, Alejandro Prieto Dorzon, Danilo Mihajlovic, see full cast & crew
Goran Radovanovic
Goran Radovanovic
Production Company
Oktobar Film
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Milena Jaksic - Uciteljica
Filip Subaric - Nenad
Nenad Stanojkovic - Albanski decak 1
Milan Sekulic - Albanski decak 2
Miodrag Krivokapic - Otac Draza
Denis Muric - Baskim
Çun Lajçi - Baskimov deda
Nebojsa Glogovac - Vojislav Arsic
Meto Jovanovski - Milutin Arsic
Rastko Jankovic - Italijanski vojnik 1
Alejandro Prieto Dorzon - Italijanski vojnik 2
Danilo Mihajlovic - Bekim
Igor Damnjanovic - Bekimov brat 1
Bojan Stojcetovic - Bekimov brat 2
Anica Dobra - Milica Arsic
Ana Rusmir - Cerka Milice Arsic
Nenad Jezdic - Vozac autobusa
Gorjana Janjic - Putnik u autobusu 1
Jovan Osmajlic - Putnik u autobusu 2
Bubulina Lajçi - Albanska zena
Goran Radakovic - Cekic
Lazar Cukvas - Policajac 1
Nenad Vulevic - Policajac 2
Milica Vucurovic - Albanska mlada
Milic Jovanovic - Imam
Ankica Milenkovic - Albanska zena 2
Anna Stieblich - Inspektor
Ilija Jovicic - Svestenik u Beogradu
Radomir Nikolic - Prevodilac
Predrag Vukosavljevic - Pekar sa Uba
Hristina Popovic - Uciteljica u Beogradu
Fadel Mouhamed - UAE vojnik


Goran Radovanovic


Goran Radovanovic


Burkhard Althoff - commissioning editor
Didi Danquart - creative producer
Nico Hain - executive producer / producer
Doris Hepp - commissioning editor
Jesenka Jasniger - co-producer
Darko Lovrinic - supervising line producer
Stefan Mladenovic - line producer
Miroslav Mogorovich - executive producer
Goran Radovanovic - co-producer


Eleni Karaindrou
Irena Popovic

Film Editing

Andrija Zafranovic


Axel Schneppat

Art directors

Irena Kukric

Production designers

Vladislav Lasic

Second Unit Director or Assistant directors

Milos Radunovic - first assistant director
Marija Rusmir - second assistant director

Music department

Nenad Pirnat - music editor

Editorial department

Andrija Zafranovic

Production managers

Vladislav Lasic

Art department

Milorad Kalanj - property buyer
Radovan Markovic - property master
Ljubomir Mrsovic - carpenter

Sound department

Slobodan Kricka - boom operator
Erik Mischijew - sound designer / sound editor
Matz Müller - sound designer / sound editor
Branko Neskov - supervisor
Christoph Oertel - foley mixer
Ognjen Popic - dialogue editor
Günther Röhn - foley artist
Christoph Schilling - sound mixer
Björn Wiese - re-recording mixer

Visual effects department

Sinisa Culic - visual effects
Zoran Culic - visual effects

Makeup department

Nicole Durovic - makeup artist
Aleksandra Pavelkic - key makeup artist

Costume Design

Monika Gebauer

Camera and Electrical department

Zoran Culic - additional cinematographer
Djordje Druzetic - additional cinematgrapher
Michael Kirschenlohr - digital image technician
Zoran Pecenkovic - electrician
Cedomir Subotic - best boy grip

Other Crew

Álvar Carretero de la Fuente - publicist
Joshua Jason - publicist
Norbert Maass - script consultant
Marija Stanosevic - script supervisor