Barking at the Stars

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8.7 /10
Lajanje na zvezde ( Orig. Title ) Comedies, Romantic Movies 1 h 35 Min 25/07/2019
In the most difficult period in this region, probably the most beautiful movie of domestic cinematography was filmed. This is a story about one amazing school class with a lot of spirit and energy characteristic of youth, about first sympathies and some old, nice times when the students respected the elderly, and so did the professors, building a relationship with them. The director Zdravko Šotra, during the creation of "Barking at the stars", took care to show humor without swearing, so you can not hear a single swear in the movie. Dragan Micanovic, Bogdan Diklic, Natasa Tapusković, Nikola Simic, Vesna Trivalic, Dragan Jovanovic, Nikola Djuricko, Velimir Bata Zivojinovic and Branimir Brstina are just some of the names that appear in the roles of silly students and teachers. This film will remind you of the most beautiful school times with adventures in which endlessly entertaining characters try to learn the beauty of love and eternal friendship. You can’t see severe scenes or violence here, and that is why this comedy is considered as a must-watch for all future generations.
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Dragan Micanovic, Natasa Tapuskovic, Nikola Simic, Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Aleksandar Bercek, Bogdan Diklic, Dragan Jovanovic, Nikola Djuricko, Isidora Minic, Branimir Brstina, Vesna Trivalic, Maja Sabljic, see full cast & crew
Zdravko Sotra
Zdravko Sotra, Milovan Vitezovic, Milovan Vitezovic
Production Company
Komuna, Radio Televizija Srbije (RTS)
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Zdravko Sotra


Zdravko Sotra - Writer
Milovan Vitezovic - Novel
Milovan Vitezovic - Screenplay


Dragan Micanovic - Mihailo Knezevic - Filozof
Natasa Tapuskovic - Danica Jankovic
Nikola Simic - Direktor
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic - Bozovic
Aleksandar Bercek - Slobodan Lazarevic
Bogdan Diklic - Djuro Dragicevic
Dragan Jovanovic - Gradimir Stevic
Nikola Djuricko - Milic Gavranic Tupa
Isidora Minic - Milena Koheza
Branimir Brstina - Nenad Lazicic - Nesa Kutuzov
Vesna Trivalic - Dana Jelinic
Maja Sabljic - Milicevicka
Dragomir Cumic - Maletic
Albena Stavreva - Olivera Dokic
Nenad Jezdic - Klosar
Nebojsa Ilic - Bogoljub Maric
Igor Pervic - Mihajlov Brat
Petar Cirica - Budimir Vujic Cim
Nebojsa Milovanovic - Jovan Slobenovic
Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljevic - Kelner 'Belmondo'
Tihomir Stanic - Ivo Andric
Milorad Damjanovic - Mladen Lozanic Maler
Rastko Jankovic - Miki Knezevic
Ksenija Zelenovic - Jeremic
Sandra Balaban - Slavka
Marko Cvorovic
Katarina Mitrovic - Roksanda
Jovica Jasin - Pozornik
Dusan Corovic
Dijana Marojevic
Dusan Milosevic
Selimir Tosic
Milivoje 'Mica' Tomic - Famulus
Dragomir Stanojevic


Aleksandar Avramovic - Producer
Maksa Catovic - Producer

Music department

Vojislav Borisavljevic


Veselko Krcmar

Editorial department

Petar Putnikovic
Andjela Ilic - Assistant Editor

Production designers

Miodrag Nikolic

Costume credits

Gordana Andjelkovic

Production managers

Zoran Jankovic - Production Manager
Radmilo Stefanovic - Production Manager

Assistant directors

Petar Cvejic - Assistant Director
Igor Pesic - Second Assistant Director
Djordje Trazivuk - Assistant Director

Sound department

Dragan Sever - Assistant Sound

Special effects department

Muhamed M'Barek - Special Effects Coordinator


Dragomir Stanojevic - Stunts

Camera department

Vojkan Gostiljac - Camera Operator
Nonkovic Jovica - Assistant Camera
Zivorad Nesic - Focus Puller

Miscellaneous crew

Gala Radovic - Production Coordinator
Darija Stefanovic - Production Secretary