And Now Goodbye

5.7 /10
A sad adio ( Orig. Title ) Comedies 1 h 4 Min 2000
And Now Goodbye is after "The Secret of Family Treasure", the second movie whose story is based on the popular series "Family Treasure". This hilarious comedy follows two brothers, Spic and Djosha, who sell pigs and Christmas trees at a Belgrade market on December 31st. While panic about crazy cows is spreading in Europe, a rich man named Lister at a Belgrade market launches a false story about crazy pigs, only to cause trouble for two brothers. This leads to incredibly ridiculous and absurd situations that, along with the trumpeters and the song "And now goodbye", the brothers, along with everyone, will say goodbye to 20th century... The film is full of characteristic scenes of Belgrade's street and café New Year's atmosphere, and evergreen music that reminds us of the century we part with. While awesome Spic greets him with adio trouble and adio poverty... you can enjoy distinctive and simple humor that will make you laugh to tears.
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Predrag Smiljkovic, Bogoljub Mitic, Snezana Savic, Danilo Lazovic, Branko Cvejic, Fedja Stojanovic, Milenko Zablacanski, Nenad Jezdic, Radmila Savicevic, Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic, Mina Lazarevic, Vojin Cetkovic, see full cast & crew
Aleksandar Djordjevic
Ljiljana Pavic, Sinisa Pavic
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Predrag Smiljkovic - Tika Spic
Bogoljub Mitic - Bata Djosa
Snezana Savic - Rajna
Danilo Lazovic - Cercil
Branko Cvejic - Lister
Fedja Stojanovic - Jeza
Milenko Zablacanski - Mikser
Nenad Jezdic - Boda Tajson
Radmila Savicevic - Dostana
Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic - Trajko
Mina Lazarevic - Cupka
Vojin Cetkovic - Brando
Bozidar Stosic - Macak
Eva Ras - Erzebet-Beta
Djordje Cakic - Dzomba
Nenad Ciganovic - Kovacevic... pijanista
Aleksandar Dunic - Kokan
Bogdan Kuzmanovic - Mafijas
Milan Milosavljevic
Igor Pervic - Gost
Dusan Radovic - Pokeras
Mile Stankovic
Tatjana Torbica
Dragan Vujic - Inspektor


Aleksandar Djordjevic


Ljiljana Pavic
Sinisa Pavic


Maksa Catovic - producer
Zoran Jankovic - executive producer