Aliens Are to Be Blamed for Everything

Svemirci su krivi za sve ( Orig. Title ) Comedies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1 h 24 Min 1991
“Aliens are to Blame for Everything” is the third sequel to the legendary Yugoslav film series 'Adio Inspector'. This twisted and completely different comedy was filmed in 1991. in Yugoslavia, that was period when the most ingenious and cult comedies were created in this region. The movie follows the story of a political campaign in a small provincial town. Candidate from various parties appear in the little town, and all the voters are promised huge things. Law and order are in charge of everyone's favorite police officers, Boki and Pajko, two inseparable partners. Everything is in the best order and without any problems until a candidate from the "universe" appears, who complicates their life. Now our cute main characters are tasked with capturing him, which they do in hilariously comical ways. Think about this movie at humorous way, as a Yugoslav response to Hollywood's sci fi movies, because, with content and actors, it had all the qualities to become globally popular - the action star Bata Zivojinovic, his job full of action, and the alien main villain, masterfully played by Nikola Simic. The new adventures of Boki and the Pajko will make you laugh to tears, and the entire film crew is extraordinary and excellent as well. Elections Can Begin!
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Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Boro Stjepanovic, Nikola-Kole Angelovski, Nikola Simic, Jovan Janicijevic-Burdus, Nada Blam, Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljevic, Bogoljub Petrovic, Ljiljana Sljapic, Ljuba Stepanovic, Zoran Milojevic, Bogdan Mihailovic, see full cast & crew
Zoran Calic
Dragan Calic, Zoran Calic
Production Company
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Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic - Boki
Boro Stjepanovic - Pajko
Nikola-Kole Angelovski - Komandir milicije
Nikola Simic - Svemirac
Jovan Janicijevic-Burdus - Jova
Nada Blam - Nada
Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljevic - Pera
Bogoljub Petrovic - Gile
Ljiljana Sljapic - Zaga
Ljuba Stepanovic - Imitator Ljuba
Zoran Milojevic - Albanac
Bogdan Mihailovic
Ljubomir Cipranic - Seljak I
Predrag Milinkovic - Seljak II
Olga Poznatov
Branko Petkovic
Petar Lupa - Jedan od glasaca
Ljuba Pavlovic
Ratko Tankosic - Politicar bez dlake na jeziku
Minja Vojvodic
Vesna Dimitrijevic
Bogdan Jakus
Dragoslav Jankovic
Srba Kabadajic - Svemircev pomocnik
Jugoslav Kujundzic
Zvonko Milenkovic - Seik
Ratko Miletic
Miomir Radevic-Pigi
Milutin Savic-Dzimi
Milovan Tasic


Zoran Calic


Dragan Calic
Zoran Calic


Zoja Todoric - producer


Boris Bizetic

Film Editing

Dejan Lukovic


Dusko Filipovic

Production designers

Miodrag Miric

Second Unit Director or Assistant directors

Milan Bulatovic - first assistant director
Milan Lugomirski - assistant director
Vladimir Tomanovic - assistant director

Editorial department

Dejan Lukovic

Production managers

Miodrag Miric

Art department

Bosko Todorovic - property master
Miodrag Vlajkovic - property buyer

Sound department

Milan Stojanovic - boom operator
Nenad Vukadinovic - sound recordist

Special effects department

Miroslav Ercegovic - special photographic effects
Nenad Pukmajster - special photographic effects

Set decorators

Zivan Todorovic

Makeup department

Tatjana Rancic - makeup artist
Smilja Ristic - makeup artist

Costume Design

Mirjana Ostojic