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Afterparti ( Orig. Title ) Comedies, Dramas 1 h 46 Min 10/07/2019
In recent years, the city of Belgrade has been proclaimed the capital of European clubbing. Those who have felt the nightlife in this city will remember it with a smile, and those who have not will be able to very vividly experience it through this movie. Afterparty is a story about young people whose lives come down to stormy parties and kitsch culture. They are witnesses of various events from clubbing, which has also become the way of their lives. The film follows Mare, a young charismatic and passionate bartender, who besides being a star of the nightlife, tirelessly tries to become an actor. In addition to crazy nightlife, he goes to every casting, records everything that is offered to him, and eventually ends up on the casting for the "Game of Thrones"... This is a film about Belgrade, the capital of amazing parties and clubbing, as well as young people who are the witnesses of the consequence of such a life.
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Rade Cosic, Dragan Jovanovic, Nikola Šurbanović, Slobodan Bestic, Lidija Vukicevic, Vladimir Gvojic, Jana Milosavljevic, Marko Adzic, Bojana Andric, Teodora Bjelica, Milica Burazer, Uros Certic, see full cast & crew
Luka Bursac
Luka Bursac
Production Company
Ljuti Bicikl, Mashina&Zec
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Luka Bursac


Luka Bursac


Rade Cosic - Marko Mare
Dragan Jovanovic - Gagi
Nikola Šurbanović - Kinez
Slobodan Bestic - Cale
Lidija Vukicevic - Keva
Vladimir Gvojic - Perika
Jana Milosavljevic - Tica
Marko Adzic - Producent porno filmova
Bojana Andric - Klinac
Teodora Bjelica - Elena
Milica Burazer
Uros Certic - Himself
Peter J. Chaffey - US Marines
Gojko Cupina - Gojko
Nadezda Dimitrijevic - Gorana
Milica Majstorovic - Kinezova zena
Nikola Malbasa - Veljko
Petar Milicevic - Stimpi
Nemanja Milunovic - Milos
Nikola Nemesevic - Himself
Laurentiu Plesa - Reditelj porno filmova
Isidora Veljkovic
Zeljko Saric - Baunser
Milan Smiljanic - Reditelj spota
Ksenija Stefanovic
Jovan Zdravkovic - Mire


Luka Bursac - Co-Producer
Rade Cosic - Producer
Maja Todorovic - Executive Producer

Music department

Aki Species


Dusan Grubin


Djordje Stankovic

Production designers

Sonja Nenadic
Katarina Plavsa

Costume credits

Dijana Damjanovic
Julija Djergovic - Assistant Costume Designer

Makeup department

Katarina Milosevic - Makeup Artist
Jana Skobric - Makeup Artist

Production managers

Jovan Grcic - Post-Production Supervisor
Kristina Markovic - Production Leader
Maja Todorovic - Production Manager

Assistant directors

Aleksandar Savic - First Assistant Director
Gvozden Djuric - Second Assistant Director
Mladjen Minic - Second Assistant Director
Milutin Sarcevic - Third Assistant Director

Art department

Igor Veljkovic - Set Dresser

Sound department

Dora Filipovic - Sound Editor
Vlada Maksimovic - Sound
Dragoslav Ostojic - Sound Editor
Mihajlo Radovic - Sound
Branko Topalovic - Sound Assistant


Milan Alavanja - Stunt Rigger

Camera department

Igor Djordjevic - Assistant Camera

Animation department

Marko Katanic - Animator

Editorial department

Nikola Marinkovic - Colorist
Nikola Mrdalj - Colorist
Ana Zugic - Additional Editor