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Sadko ( Orig. Title ) Anime, Children & Family Movies, Comedies 1 h 21 Min 25/05/2019
Sadko is a fantastic animated adventure, inspired by Russian traditional fairy tale and song. The story follows a young musician from the ancient city of Novgorod, who will start his chasing for happiness. You can run, but you can’t hide... from love. Even on the bottom of the ocean you need to fight for your love, and not just with anyone, but with Barracuda the Undersea Witch herself. The beautiful siren will try to help him to defeat the witch and save the kingdom. The prophecy says that the knight from the "upper" world will come... it remains to see whether Sadko is the knight they were waiting for.
Available Countries
Afghanistan, Åland Islands, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa...
Voice Language
Jelena Gavrilović, Nikola Šurbanović, Marko Markovic, Milan Antonić, see full cast & crew
Aleksandr Arkhipov, Dmitriy Novoselov, Slava Se
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Aleksandr Arkhipov
Dmitriy Novoselov
Slava Se


Jelena Gavrilović
Nikola Šurbanović
Marko Markovic
Milan Antonić


Lev Elin - Associate Producer
Sergey Selyanov - Producer