Journey to Oz

Fantastično putovanje u Oz ( Orig. Title ) Anime, Children & Family Movies 1 h 31 Min 2017
Journey to Oz is about the girl named Dorothy (granddaughter of the widely known Dorothy) who goes to the magical land of Oz with grandma's magical shoes. Dorothy arrives at the right time to save the Emerald City from the cunning Urfin Jus and his wooden soldiers. The old friends Limeni, Scarecrow and Leo, with the help of Dorothy, will try to defeat Urphin's army and to discover the cause of his anger.
Available Countries
Afghanistan, Åland Islands, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa...
Voice Language
Nevena Đoković, Milan Antonić, Nikola Šurbanović, Duško Radović, Jovan Jelisavčić, Dragan Vujic Vujke, see full cast & crew
Fyodor Dmitriev,Darina Shmidt,Vladimir Toropchin
Aleksandr Boyarskiy, Jeffrey Hylton, Joe Vitale
Production Company
Fame Solutions
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Nevena Đoković
Milan Antonić
Nikola Šurbanović
Duško Radović
Jovan Jelisavčić
Dragan Vujic Vujke


Fyodor Dmitriev
Darina Shmidt
Vladimir Toropchin


Aleksandr Boyarskiy
Jeffrey Hylton
Joe Vitale


Aleksandr Boyarskiy - producer
Ivan Pchelenkov - assistant producer
Sergey Selyanov - producer
Anton Zlatopolskiy - producer


Mikhail Chertishchev - composer

Music department

Georgiy Zheryakov - orchestrator / scoring mixer / composer: additional music (uncredited)

Visual effects department

Michael Korovkin - Lighting artist
Michael Litvinov - compositing supervisor
Natalia Loktionova - visual effects artist
Viktor Loschilov - camera layout supervisor / stereoscopic supervisor
Igor Siniatulov - visual effects artist
Denis Sviloguzov - character effects artist